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The latest HOCATT™ bio-chamber includes PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy

NEW from the manufacturers that brought you the exciting range of HOCATT™ ozone therapy steam saunas… we bring you the latest HOCATT™ bio-chamber… it includes PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy – and the technology is built WITHIN the unit, to offer (in addition to the existing incredible range of exciting features), a magnetic field which offers pain relief, sleep benefits, mental clarity and relaxation.

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What does leading expert Dr Minkoff say about ozone saunas?

Do you know what leading expert Dr Minkoff (Based: says of ozone therapy? These are his direct words, as an ozone expert:  ‘Transdermal ozone therapy creates a curative response in the body.’ ‘Ozone therapy activates the immune system...

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“I had been suffering from chronic pain in both wrists , I have had medical consultations and blood tests to reveal nothing, I started to use the Hocatt for a ten day detox session, on the days where I was unable to even hold a pen, I had instant 70/80% drop in pain and on two occasions complete pain relief enabling me to use my hands. I have regular maintenance sessions once a week depending on how much heavy manual work I have undertaken.”

Keith Pegden

I bought the HOCATT for personal use due to chronic back pain for the last 20 years, I find the relaxing benefits of the steam sauna added with the ozone treatment and the Far Infrared treatment keeps my back pain at a minimal level with an annual visit to the osteopath. I have used all the components of the Hocatt to enjoy a general well being, with a busy life style the steam sauna helps me to have a good nights sleep, it has eradicated my skin problem which was undiagnosed but I did not wish to take steroids, I found that as soon as it started to flare I would have three sessions of steam sauna therapy and the itching and redness disappeared.

Sandra Bryant

I have suffered from female issues of thrush and pelvic inflammation disorder, I have used the Hocatt for vaginal insufflation alone with the ozone steam therapy with a dramatic cut in discharge and discomfort.

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Important note for legal purposes: Although we will be glad to assess and supervise sessions aimed at improving your wellbeing, we do not 'treat', or aim to 'cure' disease. Under UK law only a medical doctor may 'treat' illness and disease with a medical origin such as cancer. This law is to protect you from the possibility that, while you are receiving therapy, an illness which may need orthodox medical attention could be getting worse.