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We’d like to share with you an article written by an un-named author, writing for the website ‘The Truth About Cancer’, which is a site coordinated by American ‘health freedom adovocates’ Charlene and Ty Bollinge. The article is called ‘Ozone Therapy: A Powerful Cancer Treatment & Healing Protocol’ and was written by an oncology practitioner. The article is very in-depth and informative, and backs up so much of what we believe about the pathology of cancer, and the benefits of ozone therapy.

Like us, we are sure you like to investigate anything written about serious conditions such as cancer thoroughly, so we do recommend a read of THIS article and the study links.

The editorial accurately describes the key benefit of ozone (via sauna therapy, as used with the HOCATT steam sauna chamber) as being toxic to unhealthy, damaged and dying cells, while being non-toxic to healthy cells. For cancer, ozone therapy is an important additional therapy to a good nutritional programme combined with aggressive detoxification procedures.

‘The lack of health that exists in every single cancer condition, without exception (no matter the location or stage of the cancer), has to do with impaired, oxygen-less respiration of the body’s cells. Ozone therapy is very versatile, and has received serious attention in alternative medical and research circles because of its remarkable healing potential,” the feature continues. ‘Ozone therapy is one of the most versatile forms of therapy available today. It can be administered through the skin, into different body organs including the intestines and lungs, through the ears, in the blood, on teeth and gums, as well as in painful or damaged body parts’.

Ozone is very effective at fighting so many afflictions because it operates at the foundational level of the body: the body’s cells. When the body’s cells are deprived of 40% of their normal supply of oxygen, pathogenic changes begin to happen inside them. (Otto Warburg). Ozone therapy’s many healing mechanisms of action are believed to include: inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa; stimulation of oxygen metabolism; and activation of the immune system.

Contact Sandra today, to find out more about ozone’s healing mechanisms and its place in helping to heal those with cancer - 07595 161946

What They Say About Us

I bought the HOCATT for personal use due to chronic back pain for the last 20 years, I find the relaxing benefits of the steam sauna added with the ozone treatment and the Far Infrared treatment keeps my back pain at a minimal level with an annual visit to the osteopath. I have used all the components of the Hocatt to enjoy a general well being, with a busy life style the steam sauna helps me to have a good nights sleep, it has eradicated my skin problem which was undiagnosed but I did not wish to take steroids, I found that as soon as it started to flare I would have three sessions of steam sauna therapy and the itching and redness disappeared.
Sandra Bryant

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