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+44 (0)7595 161946 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

Did you know that ozone therapy is a great way for amateur and professional footballers alike to hone their bodies and recover from injury?

Most football injuries are caused by trauma, such as a collision with an opponent, or landing awkwardly; the groin and pelvis and all of the leg joints and bones are especially at risk from injury. Competitive matches naturally see more injuries, plus, the older the player, the more likely they are to get injured. Fortunately the HOCATT therapy machine boosts healing time from injuries like strains and dislocations, thanks to increased tissue oxygenation, and also reduces swelling, oxidises lactic acid build-up and maximises ATP production.

Ozone therapy is a term coined to describe the form of steam treatment utilised with a HOCATT steam chamber - it is a form of ‘Hyperthermia’ therapy, or heat stress detoxification. The body's normal temperature is 98.6 degrees fahrenheit; when the body raises its temperature any higher, it goes into a state of hyperthermia, helping to kill off invading organisms to a level whereby the immune system can fight them. Thus, our HOCATT ozone therapy is great for eliminating toxins from athletes’ bodies while boosting immunity.

Key benefits of HOCATT ozone therapy  for footballers-

Building muscle mass

Boosting immune response for recovery

Mobilising joints and boosting general mobility

Reducing the rate of muscle atrophy

Reducing the build-up of free radicals, which cause oxidative stress, in immobilised muscles

If you’re a footballer, a coach or a team physio, why not get in contact with our MD Sandra Bryant via our website? The utilisation of a truly multi-tasking piece of sports therapy kit like the HOCATT ozone steam therapy chamber will not only help to treat and rehabilitate trauma-induced injuries, but also build up strength, resilience and cardiovascular health, so that all players, but especially those with more years of playing under their belts, are future-proofing their valuable bodies.

The HOCATT is ideal as an integral part of the conditioning and training regime of a football club, as it boosts cardiovascular function, helps regulate blood pressure, targets chronic inflammation, and aids healing. The electro-magnetic element of the newset models can also be used to stimulate muscles and the player’s nervous system in specific ways, for example, blocking pain and honing muscle contraction, via targeted electrodes.

The unit is very simple to use, and will help ‘free up’ valuable time for the club’s lead physical therapists and physios. 

What They Say About Us

I bought the HOCATT for personal use due to chronic back pain for the last 20 years, I find the relaxing benefits of the steam sauna added with the ozone treatment and the Far Infrared treatment keeps my back pain at a minimal level with an annual visit to the osteopath. I have used all the components of the Hocatt to enjoy a general well being, with a busy life style the steam sauna helps me to have a good nights sleep, it has eradicated my skin problem which was undiagnosed but I did not wish to take steroids, I found that as soon as it started to flare I would have three sessions of steam sauna therapy and the itching and redness disappeared.
Sandra Bryant

Where we are...

Southern England

We are situated in a peaceful, secluded and quiet location where you can relax and enjoy your treatments. Our dedicated Ozone Treatment room is situated in an annexe to the house, is heated and private.
Bury Hill Farmhouse
Green Lane
SP11 0PF

Our nearest railway
station is Whitchurch,